Tarragona, Spain

Mediterranean Ring of the Tarragona 2018 Mediterranean Games


Aquambiente servicios para el sector del agua, S.A.U.



Total area

Over 330,000 m²

Key features

The design of the Mediterranean Ring of the Tarragona 2018 Mediterranean Games, held in 2018 in Tarragona, has been structured around water, vegetation, topography and land subdivisions.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) were included to minimise the impacts of the urban development. SuDS not only reduce water volumes, peak flows and improves water quality, but also promote social and environmental benefits. The drainage system consists of 8 areas combining swales with detention and infiltration basins. The construction included 37 soakaways, 37 detention and infiltration basins, 3,440 m of swales and more than 960 m²of permeable pavement. The system was complemented with an attenuation pond of more than 6,000 m³, which was conceived to promote ecological and landscaping benefits.

Finally, with the aim of spreading and explaining the SuDS benefits to the population and visitors, explanatory posters have been included.


Technical assistance in SuDS in the draft report.