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Green Blue Management S.L. (GBM), founded and managed by Dr. Sara Perales, PhD in Civil Engineering, accumulates nearly two decades of experience in the field of sustainable drainage, integrating stormwater management in the urban landscape, being the benchmark company in this field in Spain. GBM was born with the aim of applying the international experiences accumulated by its founder, in countries with very diverse climates.

At GBM, we are dedicated to making cities and environments healthier and more resilient, integrating stormwater management into the urban landscape with rain gardens, permeable pavements, green roofs and other techniques.

Since 2018, GBM has been part of the TYPSA Group, one of the European consultants with the most experience in the development of infrastructures and equipments. This integration has allowed GBM to grow and participate in important international projects.

Since its foundation in 1966, TYPSA Group has carried out intense activity in the planning, design, construction supervision and management of important works and investments in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, urban development, environment and renewable energies in the five continents.

We have participated in projects for both public and private clients, offering innovative nature-based solutions that reduce energy consumption in water management, protecting the environment and collaborating with adaptation to climate change strategies while achieving sustainable development goals.

Among our most outstanding national contributions is our participation in the design and calculation of the sustainable drainage systems present in the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, the Bon Pastor neighbourhood in Barcelona, Avda. El Greco in Seville, among others. Moreover, GBM has drafted the guidance notes of the design guides of the Madrid City Council and the Castellon de La Plana City Council.

At an international level, we have outstanding contributions to the Riad Sports Boulevard projects in Saudi Arabia and Bus Connects Core Bus Corridors in Ireland, among others.

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Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) constitute a strategy for adaptation to climate change in the urban environment.

They help manage flood and drought risks through Nature-based Solutions (NBS) that complement traditional drainage infrastructure.

Sara Perales Momparler

PhD in Civil Engineering

CEO of Green Blue Management

While cities continue increasing the amount of concrete and asphalt, the use of SuDS allows breaking the ground impermeability and serves as a support to the creation of green areas that generate kind spaces for people.

Supporting traditional drainage, SuDS generate added value, reducing energy and urban water treatment costs, and improving the quality of discharges to the natural environment.

Alberto Gay Garrigues

Civil Engineer

To make sustainable stormwater management a reality in our cities, it is necessary to involve all the stakeholders. Promoting the knowledge of SuDS, both among technicians and residents, we promote a collaborative and inclusive design of our cities, generating a space designed for people.

The intelligent stormwater management configures our urban space, improving landscape quality and, at the same time, promoting habitats with great biological diversity.

Elena Calcerrada Romero

Civil Engineer

The application of Nature-Based Solutions in urban drainage constitutes an important innovation compared to conventional drainage techniques.

Likewise, the use of this new methodology must go in parallel with the process of innovation and transformation that is taking place in the construction industry. In this scenario, the new information technologies and the BIM methodology must play an important role throughout the cycle life of the SUDS, facilitating their construction, maintenance and monitoring.

Miguel Rico Cortés

Civil Engineer

The rapid urban growth in recent decades has led to an increase in the water demand, as well as an increase in impervious surfaces in cities. Consequently, a change in strategic urban planning towards more sustainable water management is necessary.

The incorporation of SuDS, as part of this process, enables to achieve a more efficient runoff management but also to create greener and more comfortable spaces for citizens. 

Darío de Frutos Subtil

Civil Engineer

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