Conversion of Cristóbal de Moura street into a new green urban axis


Instituto Municipal de Urbanismo, Barcelona City Council




Roberto Soto Fernández

Total area

17.900 m²

Key features

Cristóbal de Moura’s green axis is a pioneer project and a model for the “green street” strategy implementation in Barcelona. In addition to the traditional advantages of increasing biodiversity in the city, it incorporates stormwater management in a sustainable and passive way through Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

The first section of the Cristóbal de Moura urban works, between Provençals and Fluvià streets (also regenerated) in the Ca l’Alier area (San Martí District in Barcelona), includes the following SuDS techniques: bioretention areas, permeable pavements, rain gardens and buried attenuation-infiltration tanks.

These SuDS are capable of capturing, treating, storing, and infiltrating the runoff generated for the 10-year return period rainfall design event, not only in the 17,900 m² of urban area (of which 3,500 m² are green spaces), but also from the roofs of adjacent buildings. This green axis manages the rainfall on an area of 32,000 m, with more than 2,200 m³ of stormwater storage volume.

Cristóbal de Moura is an example of ingenuity and innovation showing other ways for stormwater management.


  • Technical support in the definition of the drainage strategy with the use of SuDS.
  • Preliminary calculations of the drainage system in the design stage.
  • Hydrological-hydraulic modelling of the as-built system with the specialized MicroDrainage® software.
  • Development of hydrological-hydraulic calculation report of the projected drainage system.