Sevilla, Spain

Cruz Roja Avenue refurbishment


BEPEFA Ingeniería (On behalf of EMASESA)



Total area

1,7 ha

Construction Budget

7,1 millions of euros

Key features

The project is the complete redevelopment of Cruz Roja Avenue and Jorge Montemayor, Doctor Jiménez Díaz and Manuel Villalobos streets in Seville. This intervention is part of the LIFE WATERCOOL project whose objective is to accelerate urban transformation by demonstrating the efficiency of an integrated concept of urban water management with lowering effects relevant to stochastic events, creating a healthy and coexistence space for the neighbours.

Water is considered the key element of the project, and therefore different SuDS techniques are incorporated to promote runoff retention and infiltration at source, which significantly reduces the volumes and peak flows received by the drainage network. The project includes rain gardens, permeable pavements, and soakaways as the main SuDS techniques.


  • Defining the drainage strategy by using Sustainable Drainage Systems.
  • Hydrologic-hydraulic modelling by using the specific software MicroDrainage.
  • Drainage report development, including the operation and maintenance tasks to guarantee the correct performance of the system in the long term.