Quart de Poblet (Valencia), Spain

Development works for “Molí d’Animeta” sector


Actividades Industriales de Quart S.L. (Grupo Ática)



Total area

18,2 ha

Key features

The urban realm works of the Molí d’Animeta sector, with 14.4 ha of impervious area, is a good example of integrating SuDS strategies with the conventional drainage system to meet the requirements at the point of discharge. By using permeable pavements, rain gardens, attenuation basins and infiltration ponds as runoff control elements, it has been possible to reduce the directional drilling diameter under the V-30 highway and to guarantee an adequate water quality prior to the discharge into the new Turia riverbed.

From the early planning stages, the needs of the different SuDS techniques have been considered, mainly in terms of space and their integration into multifunctional infrastructures.


Technical assistance for the conceptual definition and justification through hydrological-hydraulic modelling of the drainage system using SuDS techniques, with the preparation of the corresponding project calculation annex.

In addition, the maintenance needs (tasks and frequency) have been indicated in order to guarantee the good operation of the system in the long term.