Water as the basis of the renovation project of Cruz Roja Avenue in Seville

El Diario de Sevilla reports on the redevelopment project of Avenida de la Cruz Roja in which GBM has participated.

The note states: “A sustainable urban drainage system will be included to manage runoff at source and ensure the quality of runoff water, for this purpose structural soil tree pits, permeable pavements, rain gardens and soakaways will be included.” In addition, the news mention another of the projects that GBM has participated in Seville: Avda. De El Greco.  

Link: https://www.diariodesevilla.es/sevilla/Entornos-urbanos-sostenibles-habitables_0_1536146482.html

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On May 19, the Málaga City Council organized a conference on the technique of sustainable urban drainage. During the event, which was led by our